Advisory Circle

"The Advisory Circle motivates us to seek our own spiritual paths. They encourage and support us throughout our journeys." F. Leibman

advisory circleAn ethic of service is common to all great spiritual traditions. Members of our Advisory Circle embody this value through their passionate devotion to the School. All ordained members of the interfaith clergy, Circle members work in many ways to maintain the vitality and integrity of the School. With their leadership, close to one hundred individuals have graduated from the School since its inception in 1997.

Rev. Dave DiPasquale (Class of 2002) is the owner/operator of Clearview Television Company, an electronic repair firm. Dave brings rich life experiences to the School. He has worked with severely emotionally disturbed teenagers, taught high school English, and currently teaches Yoga and meditation. He is a spiritual counselor, Reiki II certified healing practitioner, and conflict partnership facilitator. More recently, he has studied in depth both the development of intentional communities and the basic principles of natural building and permaculture.
A member of the Pebble Hill Interfaith Community Church, Dave has served on the governing council as vice president and president. He was a member of the Advisory Circle for the School of Sacred Ministries from 2002-2006. He rejoined the Circle in the winter of 2013, and will serve as a student advisor for the Class of 2015.

Rev. Teresa Glatthorn, Psy.D., RPT-S (Class of 2009) is a Psychologist, play therapist supervisor and energy healer who weaves spirituality into her healing work with those who are comfortable with that approach. After her ordination at the School of Sacred Ministries, Teresa went on to be trained as a chaplain. Her spiritual path is that of an interfaith mystic, drawing from Buddhism, Quakerism, Earth-Based, Christian, and "New Age" traditions. She has a strong connection with the Divine Feminine in many of Her forms across a variety of faiths. Teresa teaches several classes at the School, including The Divine Feminine, Spiritual Counseling, and Quakerism.

Rev. Dan Hazelton (Class of 2012) was a development and implementation manager of large-scale computer software projects by profession. He retired in 2010 to concentrate on the study of world philosophy and religious traditions and the broadening and deepening of his personal spiritual practice and ministry. Aside from his professional work, Dan has been a lay minister to people recovering from addiction for over 30 years. His spiritual path has been greatly influenced by his exposure to the cultures of people he has lived and worked with in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. He describes himself as an interfaith mystic drawing from the traditions of Buddhism, Quakerism, Christianity and Twelve Step spirituality. He joined the Advisory Circle in February of 2013.

Rev. Susan Manning (Class of 2000). Throughout her long career, which has embraced the business, arts and entertainment, and political spheres, Rev. Manning has maintained her passion for mentoring others, volunteerism, and continued learning. Manning exemplifies the School’s belief that it is never too late to pursue one’s deepest gifts and strongest passions. Starting in her mid-forties, Manning went back to school. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Arts Management, became ordained through School of Sacred Ministries, and started working toward her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Kona University, which she hopes to complete by year-end. She joined the SSM Advisory Circle in the Spring of 2010, and is a Student Advisor.

Rev. Annie Marans (Class of 2000). Annie has a BS in Nursing, is a PA Ed. Specialist II (School Nursing), a PA Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Specialist, and has a Masters Level Certification in Pastoral Counseling. While employed for eleven years at a drug and alcohol abuse prevention agency, she facilitated workshops for adults and children, and trained many others in facilitation techniques. These college, public school and community programs included effective listening skills, self-esteem and assertiveness training, and stress management techniques. Annie has long been interested and involved in diversity and inclusion efforts involving interfaith, interracial and intercultural activities. She serves on the Lehigh Valley’s Muslims and Christians United Planning Committee, and officiates at important life events such as Interfaith weddings and funerals. She is a Student Advisor and the Retreat Chair.

Rev. Ray Mattern (Class of 2006). In addition to his professional career in agricultural and international trade, which has spanned four decades, Ray has completed graduate studies in philosophy, religion, psychology and spirituality, and subsequently taught in each of those fields. He has taught marriage preparation classes for ten years, and became an ordained member of the interfaith clergy from the School of Sacred Ministries in 2006. Medical Mission Sisters recently welcomed Ray as an associate member of their community. An avid baseball fan, Ray has coached numerous teams, including high school, American Legion and college level. He was Director and coach of the Philadelphia franchise of AAABA,which competes locally, regionally and nationally. Ray teaches Contemporary Christianity at the School.

Rev. Mary Taylor (Class of 2006). Mary devotes much of her time ministering to people who are recovering from addiction. She volunteers as a mentor to incarcerated women, and provides an Interfaith Service on Sundays to an area drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Mary also joyfully officiates weddings and other ceremonies. Mary is a Student Advisor and also presents the course which explores spirituality in the Twelve Step program.

Rev. Brian Weis (Class of 2006). Rev. Weis is a technical writer by training and profession. He has devoted much of his adult life to exploring spirituality, particularly in the power of story and ritual. Joining his spiritual goals with a desire to help others, he has co-facilitated a Talking Circle and Insight Workgroup, led classes in women’s empowerment and self-defense, and participated in Natural Chi Activation (with founder Tienko Ting) and the Hatun Karpay (the personal initiation into Andean nature mysticism). A long-time member of the Advisory Circle, Rev. Weis has served as the School’s administrator since 2008, and teaches the class on Reconstructed/Revival Paths.

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