Mission and History

Our Mission: Exemplifying what it means to serve

The mission of the School of Sacred Ministries is to be a leader in the field of interfaith education.

We respect those of all faiths.

We believe in authenticity. Our teachers practice what they teach.

We advocate multi-modal styles of learning, praying and worshiping, and create environments for our students that challenge, nurture and support.

We believe that the inner heart must rule if we are to learn what it means to truly "Be of Service".

We believe in the Oneness that connects people of all faiths.

Our History

Pebble Hill Interfaith Church and the School of Sacred Ministries

Pebble Hill Interfaith Church was founded in 1968 as an alternative expression of the Reformed Church of America. In the years from 1968 to 1990, Pebble Hill made many innovative contributions with new forms of worship and ways of thinking. In 1990, the Pebble Hill community voted to separate from the Reformed Church and became an interfaith church community. The School of Sacred Ministries is an outreach program of Pebble Hill Interfaith Church.

Pebble Hill’s vision of the future is that of a harmoniously evolving community of individuals “fully empowered by Spirit”.

In 1997, members of the Pebble Hill community recognized the need for a divinity school for individuals seeking to better understand the interfaith movement and for those seeking a high standard in interfaith education and ordination.

On January 9, 1999, after a two-year planning process, Pebble Hill welcomed the first group of students to a two to three year Divinity School. In 2000, the School of Sacred Ministries ordained twenty-six men and women–its first class of students. Ever since, a new class of students has convened every three years.

For more information about Pebble Hill Interfaith Church, please visit www.pebblehillchurch.org

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